Canada to Ease Travel Restrictions for Fully Vaccinated Tourists Overseas

Canada travel restrictions FI

In a recent event, Canada has decided to ease up their COVID-19 travel restrictions for the international tourists who are fully vaccinated. And this new decree will be put in action from Friday, the 1st of April.

According to these new and updated travel regulations, if you are an international tourist who is fully vaccinated and planning to visit Canada any time after April 1, then you will no longer have to go through any pre-departure PCR test.

This decision by the government of Canada though will allow international travellers easy access into the borders of the country via all three modes of transportation, air, water, or road, but at any time after arriving the traveller might randomly be called upon to take a rapid test.

All the traveller has to do to obtain this advantage is to provide proof of vaccination to the proper authorities. Simultaneously, every international visitor is required to submit their updated health information through the ArriveCAN app before starting their journey across the border.

This decision is a reflection of Canada’s success at achieving an 81.3% COVID vaccination rate as of Monday, 21st March. And thankfully the number of recent COVID cases has also declined after the initial spike of post-holiday vacations in January. 

Then again, for those who are partially vaccinated or completely unvaccinated, all prior Covid restrictions will still be in full swing and they will have to show a negative PCR test before boarding their flight.

Canada, not unlike most countries all around the world, went into a full state of lockdown during the first surge of the Omicron variant. Plenty of regulations were set in place to protect their population from further severe repercussions. And now it seems that the people and government of Canada, like most countries in Europe, are ready to accept that the world will just have to adjust and live side by side with this virus.

The provincial government of Canada imposed lesser restrictions as compared to the Federal Government and were keener on lifting the ones that were already in place. For instance, Ontario, Alberta and Quebec made similar announcements about completely easing off the restrictions due to the pandemic by the end of April.

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Written by Nadia Farha Mubin

Content Writer and Travel Enthusiast


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