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Care VISA : Useful Advices from Expert Solicitors in London

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After coming to the United Kingdom on a care visa, many are facing airport interviews under the genuineness test introduced by the Home Office which came into effect on August 7. After the interview conducted at the airport, they were sent back to their respective countries on the next available flight by the powers given to immigration officers in the British Immigration Act when some discrepancies were noticed in their documents.

On behalf of the media, two well-known barristers and expert solicitors of the Bangladeshi community in Britain were contacted about the questions that newcomers may face during the airport interview regarding the CARE visa.

They said those who will be coming with caregiver visas, those who have already received the visa or are planning to apply should be careful about some things.

Be careful not to face huge financial losses while planning on coming to London. Meanwhile, several thousand people who came on care visas are unemployed. So they suggested to ensure the job guarantee from the employer. Lawyers have also advised those who have already applied or are going to apply or have already gotten their visas by using inconsistent experience certificates due to lack of previous work experience to be careful.

If one feels the necessity to know all about caregiver visas before coming, it is possible to know all the information about the caregiver visa and the work of caregivers from YouTube and Google.

One should also be familiar with the name and details of the company where one will be employed, with whom the interview has been conducted and the applicant’s work.

After arriving at the airport, immigration officers may ask questions about the basics of life support, person-centred support, positive behaviour, food hygiene, Safeguarding awareness, safe moving and handling, data protection and GDPR, manual handling, infection prevention control, health and fire safety, fluid and nutrition related awareness, personal privacy in the workplace, Equality and mutual respect. 

All these subjects are included in the syllabus of the care course. If you know the answer to all these questions then there is no way you would be sent back to your country.

Notably, thousands of new immigrants who came to the United Kingdom on care visas are unemployed. Many people with their families are seeking shelter in shops and mosques to spend the night. In this situation, the Home Office has cancelled the license of several care homes.

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