The Ultimate Guide to the Greek Isles

The Ultimate Guide to the Greek Isles

A journey to the Greek Isles, where ancient mythology meets breathtaking beauty, is bound to be unforgettable. With over 6,000 islands scattered in the Aegean and Ionian Seas, each offering its unique charm, Greece promises an adventure like no other. From the iconic white-washed buildings of Santorini to the vibrant nightlife of Mykonos, there’s something for every traveller. Dive into crystal-clear waters, explore ancient ruins, savour delicious cuisine, and immerse yourself in the warmth of Greek hospitality. Get ready to discover the magic of the Greek Isles and create memories to last a lifetime with our ultimate guide to exploring these enchanting islands.

Top Greek Islands Based on Preference 

The first thing you must do before setting out on your adventure is to select which of the 6,000 isles you would want to visit, then plan your trip based on your priority.

Santorini: Honeymooner’s Paradise

Santorini epitomizes romance with its sugar-white churches with hypnotic-blue domes, whitewashed buildings, and breathtaking sunsets over the caldera. But it has more to offer than meets the eye.

Santorini: Honeymooner’s Paradise

Explore volcanic beaches, indulge in world-class cuisine, and wander through charming villages like Oia and Fira. Santorini’s beauty and allure make it a must-visit destination for couples who want to reignite their passion for love and each other while taking your breath away.

Mykonos: The Ultimate Party City

Mykonos reigns as the ultimate party city, famed for its electrifying nightlife, vibrant beach clubs, and pulsating energy. It is “the place” for party hounds to let their hair down as a part of their luxury getaway.

Mykonos: The Ultimate Party City


Dance through the night until dawn at iconic venues like Cavo Paradiso, Alemagou and Scorpios and then soak up the sun on stunning beaches during the day. This is where party lovers go to immerse themselves in the cosmopolitan atmosphere of Mykonos Town.

Crete: A Place Where Clock Turns Back

Greece’s largest island and the birthplace of Zeus, Crete offers a chance to turn back the clock and immerse yourself in ancient history and natural beauty. Explore the legendary Palace of Knossos, hike the rugged Samaria Gorge, and witness prehistoric Minoan culture come to life at Heraklion Archaeological Museum.

Crete: A Place Where Clock Turns Back

Finish a day of exploration with a walk-through of the Greco-Roman site of Gortyn, dating back to 3000 BCE. With its rich heritage, diverse landscapes and stunning beaches, Crete captivates visitors seeking a timeless escape.

Sifnos: A Gastronomic Adventure Awaits

Sifnos beckon travellers with the temptation of a gastronomic adventure like no other. Indulge in the island’s culinary delights, from savoury chickpea croquettes to delectable mastelo cheese. From sizzling calamari to orange-scented biscuits, savour traditional dishes infused with Mediterranean flavours while exploring local tavernas and family-run restaurants.

Stop by the tiny beachfront Omega3 fish bar or Cantina and help yourself to some ocean-fresh seafood like lobsters. Embark on a culinary journey where every meal is a celebration of Greek cuisine.

Aegina: For a Quality Time With Family 

Aegina offers the perfect setting for quality time with family. Just an hour of a ferry ride away from Athens, makes it a convenient place for families to plan and book a vacation. Explore ancient ruins, swim in crystalline waters, and enjoy leisurely walks through charming villages.

Aegina: For a Quality Time With Family 

Indulge in fresh seafood at seaside tavernas and create cherished memories together against the backdrop of Aegina’s idyllic landscapes. And if you forget to pack something for the trip, don’t worry, as there are plenty of supermarkets throughout the island.

Activities and Experiences

Now even if you choose any other island in the Aegean and Ionian Seas to visit, there are some common yet fun activities you can take part in to make the most out of your Greek Vacation.

Beach Hopping

Beach hopping in Greece can be an incredible adventure for travellers who want to experience different flavours of Greek hospitality. From the iconic beaches of Mykonos and the volcanic shores of Santorini to the secluded coves of Crete and the hidden gems of Zakynthos, each destination offers its own slice of paradise. Soak up the Mediterranean sun while cruising across the Aegean Sea, and discover the beauty of Greece’s coastline one beach at a time.

Sailing and Cruising

Set sail on the Aegean Sea, navigating between whitewashed villages and ancient ruins of Greece. Explore hidden coves, snorkel in crystal-clear bays, and watch breathtaking sunsets from the deck. 

Sailing and cruising Through Greece: The Ultimate Guide to the Greek Isles

Whether aboard a traditional wooden sailboat or a luxury yacht, Greece’s seas beckon travellers to embark on an unforgettable maritime journey, discovering the beauty of the Mediterranean, one island at a time.

Gastronomic Delights

Gastronomic delights in Greece offer a feast for the senses, celebrating the country’s rich culinary heritage and Mediterranean flavours. Indulge in traditional dishes like moussaka, souvlaki, and spanakopita, made with locally sourced ingredients bursting with freshness and flavour. 

Explore Greek Cuisine: The Ultimate Guide to the Greek Isles


Sample creamy tzatziki, tangy feta cheese, and succulent grilled seafood, accompanied by crisp Greek wines and sweet baklava. From bustling tavernas in Athens to seaside restaurants on the islands, Greece’s culinary scene invites travellers to savour every bite and experience the true essence of Greek hospitality through its delicious cuisine.

Cultural Exploration

If you ever want to take a journey through millennia of history, art, and mythology, then exploring the culture of Greece is your gateway. From the majestic ruins of ancient Athens to the awe-inspiring Acropolis, delve into the birthplace of democracy and philosophy. 

Cultural Exploration: The Ultimate Guide to the Greek Isles

Explore the iconic sites of Delphi, Olympia, and Mycenae, and immerse yourself in the vibrant culture of modern Greece through music, dance, and cuisine. Whether wandering through charming villages or marvelling at world-class museums, Greece offers endless opportunities to uncover its rich heritage and timeless beauty.

We understand how important vacations are, as it is a luxury not everyone can fulfil and we also know how taxing it can be to plan one. So we hope that this guide helps lead the way to ensure the perfect Greek vacation you had hoped for without you having to compromise on your plans or wishes. You can also plan your Greek vacation and book your flights right away through NCL Tours and get the best deals on air tickets. For more travel-related news and blogs, follow our Blog site.

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