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Food is a major part of any region’s culture and heritage. Whether you are interested in trying out some street food or dining at a Michelin-star restaurant, food is the only common factor that visitors love to explore during their trips. Since you are not only opening your mind to new cultures but also opening your palate to new flavours, it is indeed one of the best parts about travelling. Some travellers love to experience as many exquisite flavours and cuisines as possible. For this, they are even willing to travel to the ends of the world. However, they especially love visiting places that are wildly popular for their culinary expertise and arrangements. So let’s check out some of these Foodies destinations where you can immerse yourself in the rich culinary history and tantalizing flavours.

Paris, France Home to beautiful Cafes, Bistros and Michelin-Star Restaurants

Paris is a city of culture, fashion, romance and, most of all, food. When in Paris, you can find at least one exquisite cafe, bistro or fine-dining Michelin-star restaurant in every street corner. If you cruise the city on foot or a bicycle, you can explore as many street-side cafes and street food markets as possible.

Famous Culinary Destinations - Paris

The delicate flavours you will be introduced to in Paris will enhance your overall sightseeing experience. From croissants to escargot, the delicacies of the French capital will leave a lasting impression on your memory as well as your tastebuds.

Izmir, Turkey The Capital of Aegean Cuisine

Izmir is a very popular tourist destination in Turkey. Travellers come here for many reasons, including the culinary experience it offers. You are bound to be mesmerised by the bounty of delicious and authentic Turkish Cuisine, whether you are exploring Izmir, Istanbul or Cappadocia.

Famous Culinary Destinations - Turkish Food

Izmir is the capital of Aegean cuisine with Ottoman, Greek, Jewish, Italian, and French influences. It offers a unique yet captivating blend of traditional and modern styles of cuisine. Although the Mediterranean diet found among the locals here is perfect for vegetarians, there are some great options for meat and seafood lovers as well.

Tokyo, Japan Offers the Best Authentic Sushi and Sashimi Experience

Japanese cuisine is famous worldwide for its distinct and eccentric technics and flavours. It is so popular that chances are there are at least one or two Japanese restaurants in your city. And sushi, ramen, Gyoza and Tempura are bound to be on their menu as they are very common and quite popular in Japanese Cuisine. But you may often wonder, are they really serving you the authentic taste of Japanese cuisine or is it just a facade? 

Famous Culinary Destinations - Japanese food

Well, you don’t need to keep wondering, and just hop on the next flight to Japan’s Tokyo city. Once you taste the extravagant flavours directly from the source you will realize that Ethnic restaurants outside Japan barely scratch the surface when it comes to the cuisine. No wonder it is one of the most popular culinary destinations in the world. Still, many parts of this exotic country’s cuisine are yet to be explored. Bet you didn’t know about the underground secret Tokyo food spots?

Rome, Italy A Haven for Italian Food Enthusiasts

In Europe, Rome is considered one of the most famous classic culinary destinations that every foodie dreams of travelling to. Whenever we think of Italian cuisine we only think of Pizzas and pastas. They are the staple dishes that have spread the love of Italian food across the continents. Among the many delicious dishes in this Eternal City, its pasta dishes like rigatoni carbonara and Cacio e pepe are pretty well-known.

Italian Cuisine

Another popular dish that you’ll only find in Rome is suppli, fried balls made with rice, meat, tomato sauce, and mozzarella. When it comes to the best places to eat in the world, Italy’s capital can easily take the first place. Rome is a city that lives and breathes good food. And it’s a great place to set up a base for planning foodie day trips, like visiting the coastal city of Naples to try what is arguably the best pizza in Italy. Rome is also known for having some of the best gelato in Italy! 

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