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China Relaxes Quarantine Requirements for International Tourists

China Relaxes Quarantine Requirements for International Tourists

China recently decided to relax the quarantine requirements that were imposed upon international tourists. However, they did not lift the other strict COVID-19 rules that are still in place and will stay in action indefinitely.

Associated Press has reportedly made the information public that international travellers or locals who will be travelling to China with have to quarantine at a designated hotel for 7 days and later keep themselves isolated in their homes for 3 days.

Prior to this, The minimum requirement to fulfil the quarantine conditions was to stay in quarantine for 14 days at a hotel and later 7 additional days at home, making it a total of 21 days. But then again some like Beijing lowered the number of hotel quarantine days even more.

Like most countries around the world, China has made strategies to fight the COVID-19 virus and has adhered strictly to each and every point of it. Their plans include keeping the virus at bay in the country while also eradicating all signs of it by stopping it from spreading through mass testing and lockdowns. The Hotel and home quarantine are also parts of China’s “zero-COVID” strategy.

Mi Feng, a spokesperson for China’s National Health Commission, told the AP that this new strategy is more an optimization to make it a more scientific and precise way of dealing with this pandemic than a relaxation of the country’s approach.

Since the reported COVID cases have gone down to 100 new ones as of last week, as of June 27, 2022, China decided to ease off some of the quarantine requirements.

Many tourist attractions have also felt it appropriate to reopen their businesses to the general public. For instance, Shanghai Disney plans to reopen on June 30 and Beijing’s Universal Studios has already restarted its activities last week.

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