Greek Tourism Booms Again After Pandemic

Greek Tourism Booms Again After Pandemic

In the scenic village of Naoussa on the Greek island of Paros, locals are anticipating that it would be a record-setting tourist period. The pandemic’s aftermath brought two years of terrible luck for tourism, but last year saw a remarkable turnaround. The island in the Aegean hopes to perform even better this summer.

The fishing town with its whitewashed cottages that are so typical of the Cyclades is teeming with construction sites.

Numerous properties that will shortly be rented out are being renovated. At the same time, several complexes with swimming pools are being upgraded.

Last year, tourist appearances in Greece reached 27.8 million, marking an 89.3-per cent surge compared to the previous year, as said by the Bank of Greece.

According to the Union of Greek tourist enterprises, earnings will reach a record high of 17.6 billion euros this year.

The GNP of Greece is roughly 25% derived from tourism. It has been useful in supporting Greece’s economy during the epidemic.

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Written by Tamanna Reza


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