Saint Lucia Introduces Electronic Entry Form

Saint Lucia Introduces Electronic Entry Form

Saint Lucia aims to speed up airport arrival procedures for holidaymakers by introducing an online entry system.

The change will take effect from tomorrow (March 1), one month after the Caribbean territory lifted all entry limits for Covid-19.

All flight travellers should complete the online immigration form on the Saint Lucia Tourism Board website within 72 hours of arrival, the Foreign Office verified in a revised travel warning.

“This replaces the written form and should speed up the arrival process. Anyone who does not travel with proof of the online form will be able to complete a paper form on arrival until mid-April, as they are being phased out,” it added.

The Saint Lucia Tourism Authority said the switch to an electronic entry form for arrivals by air was expected to “substantially improve” processing times for arriving passengers.

An option to continue submitting a paper version of the form will end on April 11 when the process goes entirely online.

The tourism authority added: “All travellers arriving by air are strongly encouraged to complete the form online prior to arrival to avoid delays on arrival.

“The online form can be completed wherever the internet is available prior to landing in Saint Lucia, including onboard flights that offer internet services.

“Once they have landed, travellers must show their receipt to the immigration and customs officers.

“In the first instance, passengers landing in Saint Lucia who has not completed the form will be required to complete and submit the paper form, however, this arrangement will be phased out within six weeks of the electronic form going into operation.”

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