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Japan Gives Free-pass to Vaccinated Travellers

Japan Gives Free-pass to Vaccinated Travellers

An announcement has been made by the Prime Minister of Japan regarding updates on the Travel Regulation for international travellers. From now on, fully vaccinated travellers will no longer have to show proof of a negative pre-departure COVID-19 test result when they arrive in the country.

According to a news portal, Fumio Kishida, the Japanese Prime Minister, stated that even though fully-vaccinated travellers no longer need to “present proof that they are not infected”, the daily caps on international arrivals into the country would stay in place.

The Japanese government reopened their borders for international travellers after two long years due to the pandemic in June. According to some reports from local sources, the government of this island nation is planning to raise the limit on their daily cap on international tourists travelling to Japan from 20,000 to 50,000. However, the time for this plan to take action has not been released to this day.

“We will continue relaxing these measures gradually,” Kishida told a news portal. “We hope to announce something soon based on the quarantine setup and the situation with infections.”

The Government of Japan are still testing the waters before each step and staying alert for any further outbreaks. So, even if their accessibility might seem slow, the overall results of it should be fruitful.

As the Officials continue to take decisions and actions to reopen different parts of the country, more airlines and other travel service providers are making a comeback. Delta Air Lines already made announcements to resume services between Los Angeles International Airport and Haneda International Airport in Tokyo beginning from October 30.

Furthermore, for the convenience of international passengers, Delta has opened its first and only club in the facility, Delta Sky Club, at Haneda International Airport which will be operated by an airline from the United States.

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Written by Nadia Farha Mubin

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