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New Zealand is now Welcoming International Visitors

New Zealand is now Welcoming International Visitors

New Zealand has lifted all the COVID-based travel restrictions and fully reopened its borders for international tourists. They are hopeful that this step will gradually increase the flow of international travellers into the country.

According to recent reports, even though New Zealand has around, 52538 documented COVID cases in the past seven days, the country is preparing for the arrival of international visitors soon. At the maritime border, recently all overseas visitors are being permitted to submit visa applications as the final phase of reopening its borders.

Rene de Monchy, The Chief Executive of Tourism New Zealand, referring to the current situation with the border and travel restrictions, is anticipating that the travel business will slowly pick up as compared to pre-COVID levels. He also added that international tourism will take some time to return as people across the globe gain confidence in travelling again, and all efforts to encourage visitation from key markets are being made by Tourism New Zealand to boost the travel & tourism sector of the country which can, in turn, support its economy.

If reports are to be believed, from March 2019 to March 2020, in the 12 months before COVID-19 struck, the tourism industry has contributed over USD 25.7 million to the overall economy of New Zealand.

The tourism sector has also managed to make a direct contribution to New Zealand’s gross domestic product (GDP) during that time. 

For that reason, tourism officials are hoping that the tempting attractions of the scenic views of New Zealand will be able to entice travellers enough to bring them to the country once again.

The tourism industry in New Zealand plays a very big role in maintaining the economic stability of the country. So, fully opening the borders to the international tourist is the right step for the country to avoid crossing the line of poverty.

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Written by Nadia Farha Mubin

Content Writer and Travel Enthusiast


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