The Most Beautiful Towns in Belgium


Belgium, a small Western European country popular for medieval towns and renaissance architecture, is packed with towns and cities so beautiful as if they are taken out of a Disney movie or a fairytale book. Whichever town you decide to visit, you will be blessed with scenic views and breathtaking landscapes. Though it was very hard to choose, however, in this article we will be highlighting some of the most gorgeous towns of Belgium the aesthetics of which are definitely worth the visit.


Just between the glistening waters of the Meuse River and its citadel, Dinant, one of the most beautiful towns in Europe is located. Some of the largest caves in Europe, the Grotto of Dinant and the Caves of Han, bring in visitors from different countries.


This town not only offers a spectacular view of the nature reserves but also boasts a number of phenomenal architecture like the Collegiate Church of Notre Dame. You can spend an entire day exploring the town and later chill with a cup of Belgium hot chocolate while enjoying the view.


The beauty and fame of the Spa are the results of the natural springs that have been inviting guests from all over Europe since the early 16th century. Nestled between the hills and majestic forests of the Ardennes, this location has essentially become a romantic spot and a perfect honeymoon destination for the newlyweds.

However, apart from being the perfect destination for romance, Spa will provide its visitors with the chance to relax and enjoy a much-needed hydrotherapy experience at Thermes de Spa. and after that, if you want to be thoroughly entertained then visit the world’s oldest casino, Casino de Spa.


Located over the banks of the Semois River just a few miles from the french border, Bouillon is the most popular tourist hub in the Semois Valley. This Belgian town has been prominent on the tourist radar thanks to the oldest and most impressive castle in the country overlooking the entire town, Château de Bouillon.


Apart from what remains of the fortified castle dating back to the 10th century, this small town offers its visitors a picturesque view as far as the eyes could see. Take a relaxing walk across the fascinating countryside to explore and experience the wonders of Bouillon like Le Tombeau du Géant of the Senois River.


Durbuy has an impressive collection of history, monuments, and outstanding landscapes that lures in tourists from all over the world. This Belgian Ardennes town claims to be the smallest town in the world with an abundance of scenic beauty that more than makes up for its small stature.


Hike along the captivating trails Rocher de la Falize which will give you a mind-boggling view of the La Warche valley. , SInce there are countless possibilities for outdoor activities, Durbuy is a haven for adventure enthusiasts. To fully appreciate the beauty of this town, take a walk along the impressive cobblestone streets and the banks of the Ourthe River to see the stately 17th-century Durbuy Castle.


Torgny, the southernmost town of Belgium and location on the banks of the Chiers River, is also one of the most stunning and romantic towns in Wallonia. The roman tiled rooftops of the buildings here give this town a very rustic yet quaint vibe. The design of the houses coupled with the floral decoration along the winding streets will make a walk through Torgny’s beautiful streets worth every second.

What could be more appealing to travellers than a chance to enjoy the breathtaking view of the landscapes while sipping on a rich wine at a Michelin-starred restaurant? And Torgny can offer exactly this experience to its visitors.


Deemed a  UNESCO World Heritage Site, Bruges is often ranked among the most beautiful towns in Europe. Featuring charming cobbled streets and stunning Gothic churches by the canals, and mansions that date back to the 17th century, make this town alluring to travellers.



This town can be considered a smaller and more toned-down version of Venice, but it surpasses many expectations when it comes to romance. For couples, this town has many activities to offer like boat rides through the canals and horse-drawn carriages to swan-filled towns.

De Haan 

The village town of De Haan is undoubtedly one of the most picturesque spots on the Belgian coastline. Though most of the resort town was reconstructed in the 19th century, you can still see glimpses of the middle ages here and there.

Even a short stroll around the block will expose you to architecture inspired by the Belle Époque period. The colourful buildings, clean meandering streets and stunning landscapes of De Haan will surely steal your heart.


When speaking of aesthetics, how can we not mention Ghent? It is definitely one of the most gorgeous towns in Belgium. It is a very laid-back and friendly town dominated by medieval architecture like gothic churches, canal-side houses, the castle of the counts and so much more.


When you visit this town there will be plenty of medieval sites to see. Most of the building structures are very elegant and reflect the image of large gingerbread houses. The cafes and restaurants have a very cosy environment. There are also an opera house and 18 museums for a more classic entertainment option. The best way to explore this town is by foot. 


For people who are interested in architecture, Veurne is a must-see town in Belgium. Ideally, a market town located in rural West Flanders, Veurne is packed with stunning buildings.


The main hub of Veurne is the town square, Grote Markt, which gives the tourists easy access to most of the signature sights of the town. One of the most visited tourist spots here is the St. Walburga Church, which is right behind the town square.

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