Warning to All UK Travellers Visiting France

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UK travellers visiting France have been advised to “expect disruption” in their travels.
The UK Foreign Office has warned, there will be planned strike action On Tuesday, October 18 in France.

The strikes will occur in a variety of industries, which may have an impact on national travel.
This comes after an earlier alert that more than a quarter of French gas stations are running out of at least one type of gasoline.

It follows refinery strikes in France that caused a shortage and forecourt lines.
According to the AA, as of Monday at noon, 2,093 of France’s 11,100+ gas stations were entirely out of gasoline, while 1,101 had run out of one kind.

Stated on the website of the UK government: “Due to strike action, there are currently shortages of petrol and diesel at some fuel stations in mainland France. Some fuel station operators are limiting how much you can buy.
“The French Government is advising motorists to avoid filling up where possible. There may be queues at fuel stations.”

In response to strikes that have caused gasoline stations around the nation to run out of fuel, French Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne has threatened to compel back to work employees of Total group and ExxonMobil’s French subsidiary Esso.

Ms. Borne stated on Tuesday before the National Assembly that about 30% of French gas stations are now dealing with little shortages of at least one or more fuel types.
Strong regional variances, with the Paris region and northern France being the most impacted areas, she observed.

She called for urgent dialogue between unions and management as strikers seek pay rises amid soaring inflation. The Prime Minister added: “A salary disagreement does not justify blocking the country”.

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