Antigua and Barbuda Removes Covid Travel Restrictions

Antigua and Barbuda Removes Covid Travel Restrictions

The twin-island of Antigua and Barbuda is the latest Caribbean nation to remove all Covid-19-related entry restrictions.

It has updated its travel advisory and lifted the travel testing requirement for fully vaccinated visitors to the destination. Arriving travellers by air no longer need to provide proof of vaccination or testing, unless they show symptoms of possible infection. This includes transiting passengers.

All Covid-related curbs are also lifted for passengers arriving by yacht or ferry. Passengers arriving by cruise ship remain subject to the protocols placed on board by their cruise company, according to updated Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO) travel advice.

“Passengers who display symptoms of Covid-19 on arrival may be isolated as determined by the Antigua and Barbuda health authorities,” the statement added.

Fully vaccinated passengers showing symptoms of possible infection may be required to take an RT PCR test for COVID-19 upon arrival at their own expense. Instructions on permissible activities while awaiting results will be provided by Port Health officials.

Unvaccinated minors between the ages of five and 18 are required to present a negative RT PCR test of four days or fewer from date of testing. Children below five years, entering Antigua and Barbuda, do not require a COVID-19 RT-PCR test.

Wearing face masks in public spaces is actively encouraged throughout Antigua and Barbuda, and social distancing protocols should still be followed. Therefore, all passengers arriving in Antigua and Barbuda are encouraged to wear face masks wherever there are gatherings of significant numbers of people, for instance, ports, supermarkets, bars and clubs.

Visitors can expect to enjoy a range of excursions, attractions and culinary experiences, to include newly opened restaurants and tours. Beaches are open, and all curfew restrictions have been removed.

The relaxation of rules imposed due to the pandemic came into force on August 26.

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