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Dublin Airport Starts Advice Guide for Older Travellers

Dublin Airport Guide Fi

Dublin Airport, the international Airport serving Dublin, Ireland, has published a new advice guide full of useful tips for older passengers, which aims to take the stress out of travelling through the airport, especially, during this very busy time of the year. 

DAA, Dublin Airport Authority, in association with Age Action has developed a new easy-to-read guide. By providing useful practical information they aim to help reduce anxiety among older passengers. They hope that this will prepare and guide them through their airport journey. The guide was created based on feedback from passengers and teams on the ground and can be downloaded for free from the Dublin Airport website.

The guide details the essential steps that older people need to consider while making their way through the airport including what to expect at each stage of their journey and pretravel preparations, such as getting to the airport; which airlines are based in each terminal; check-in desk locations; how to prepare for security screening; the location of washrooms, shop and restaurant locations; and how to get help from the team at the airport.

Louise Bannon, the Director of Marketing at Dublin Airport, said, “We want to take the stress out of travelling for our older passengers or anyone who feels anxious ahead of their journey. The short, but comprehensive guide, will give reassurance to passengers with a helpful overview of the passenger journey, offering practical travel tips, and contact details for further assistance. It has been thoughtfully designed, in consultation with Age Action, to help anxious or unfamiliar travellers navigate the airport more easily, providing crucial information about facilities, services, and procedures.”

“Travel can be an overwhelming experience. By implementing various measures and offering dedicated assistance, our teams strive to make travel easier, more accessible, and less stressful for everyone. Dublin Airport helps passengers with reduced mobility in collaboration with our support service provider OCS. This service includes buggy transportation from the car park or designated meeting points inside the terminals to the departure gate areas. Passengers requiring this assistance should notify their airline in advance, who will coordinate with OCS to make the necessary arrangements.”

Dublin Airport also implemented the Important Flyer wristband or lanyard program to help passengers with non-visible disabilities. This helps the airport employees identify passengers with a non-visible disability who may require extra assistance. All additional information regarding the Flyer or lanyard programme can be found on the Dublin Airport website.

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Written by Nadia Farha Mubin

Content Writer and Travel Enthusiast


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