Greece Considers Opening Borders to Brits by May

Greece Considers Opening Borders to Brits by May

The Greek government is reported to be looking to open its boundaries to invaded British tourists in May.

The Times noted that this strategy could induce Greece” into battle” with the European Union, which will be insisting on a combined approach to permitting non-essential overseas travel from outside the EU.

The paper also stated a bilateral deal to help British vacationers to Greece would “fall foul” of the World Health Organisation (WHO), which says countries and transportation operators shouldn’t present requirements of evidence of Covid-19 Legislation for international travel.

The Times report included that the Greek government is also looking at the possibility of vaccinating airport employees and resort workers at hotels. Meanwhile, the Telegraph said Greece had become one of the earliest countries to establish an electronic vaccination certificate for those who’ve received two doses of this Covid-19 vaccine.

It said the move aims to make global travel easier. The Telegraph said other nations have been”already waiving quarantine for anyone who has evidence of inoculation”, such as Cyprus, Romania and Seychelles, while Thailand is contemplating vaccine certificate as a way to start up its own boundaries.

The united kingdom prime minister has declared a global travelling review, using a successor to the government’s Global Travel Taskforce to report by April 12, as a part of his roadmap from lockdown.

Johnson has also guaranteed a review of vaccination certification to consider global travel and national use for offices and places.

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