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Loganair Celebrates 1 Year of Heathrow Connectivity

Loganair Celebrates 1 Year of Heathrow Connectivity

Loganair, the top regional airline in the UK, is celebrating one year of running “Gamechanger” routes, connecting Scotland’s remote locations with London Heathrow.

Loganair, having secured the highly sought-after Heathrow slots, declared that it would link the capital of the United Kingdom to Derry and Dundee. From there, the latter would connect to the islands of Orkney and Shetland, offering transportation for isolated Scottish isles to get to Heathrow.

Ross Baker, the Chief Customer Officer at Heathrow, said, ‘It is fantastic to join Loganair to celebrate one year of their services to Dundee, Shetland, Orkney and the City of Derry. 

“With a strong start to the year, domestic passenger numbers at Heathrow are the highest they have been in nearly a decade. Loganair is key to supporting this by widening the choice for passengers, opening up connectivity across Scotland and Northern Ireland to the UK’s hub. 

“Regional connectivity is key to unlocking economic growth for every part of the UK and through our domestic discount, we are proud to support these lifeline routes at Heathrow.” 

Derry connects to London three times a day, while Dundee receives a daily weekday service.

Loganair was already running daily flights to the Isle of Man from Heathrow.

Luke Lovegrove, the Chief Commercial Officer of Loganair, said, “We are pleased to be at Heathrow Airport today celebrating one year of what has been game-changer routes for the remote communities we serve across the UK. 

“These services provide essential connectivity to those regions, unlocking global connectivity and tourism as well as opening up direct access from London to some of the most scenic parts of the UK.”

Loganair has grown steadily and generated good profits as a result of its pivotal role as an airline serving the isolated Scottish islands and offering essential lifelines to London, Scottish cities, and other regions of the UK.

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