UK Travellers Face 10-Week Wait for Passports

Brexit Rules Cause Passport Confusion Among Customers

Holidaymakers have been warned they may have to wait 10 weeks for a new passport as civil servants continuing work from home.

On the HM Passport Office Twitter feed, officials said that standard applications are currently taking up to 10 weeks.

The Telegraph reported: “HM Passport Office has told travellers to expect delays as staff struggle with a surge in applications.

“On Thursday, families were told that a renewed passport would take up to 10 weeks to arrive rather than the usual three. Urgent face-to-face appointments that could usually be arranged within two days are taking weeks in some cases.”

The newspaper said, “a significant proportion” of HM Passport Office staff are understood to be continuing to work from home, in line with the rest of the civil service.


Source: Travelweekly

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