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Vietnam, the Leading Nature Destination in Asia

Vietnam, the Leading Nature Destination in Asia

The World Travel Awards of 2022 has named Vietnam as “Asia’s leading nature destination”. The country has attained this accolade by surpassing China, India and Nepal, which is the first time this Southeast Asian country has been honoured in this category.

Based on information collected from the Vietnam Administration of Forestry, the country currently is home to 33 national parks, 57 nature reserves, 13 habitat conservation areas and 9 biosphere reserves.

Among them, a total of 61 national parks and nature reserves have reportedly been developing ecotourism activities.

Moreover, Primarily keeping the priority on environmental sustainability, most of Vietnam’s high-end resorts are made of eco-friendly materials.

Along with this new title, Vietnam has also been named “Asia’s leading destination” this year. This was the second time back to back the country has won the title.

These highly prestigious and renowned annual awards are given to candidates who manage to make an impactful impression during the year and are chosen based on votes cast by respected travel industry professionals and the public.

Vietnam is among the safest countries in Asia to travel to for vacation or work-related trips for foreigners. Recently, it has gained popularity as an ex-pat destination. The nice weather, low cost of living, larger-than-life culture and steadily improving infrastructure of the country, are just some of the things that attract the ex-pats the most about this land.

Vietnam is among the most sought-after destinations in the world and it is greatly due to its endless natural beauty. The white sandy beaches, limestone mountains, glistening terraced rice fields, and enchanting waterfalls can attract tourists from all over the world. And these were also the factors that played a major role in winning this title.

 launched in 1993, the World Travel Awards acknowledges excellence in the travel and tourism industry and has been described as the travel industry’s equivalent of the Oscars.

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