What are The Best Student-Friendly Holiday Destinations?

What are The Best Student-Friendly Holiday Destinations

What if there’s anything synonymous with ‘student’ it’s ‘cash strapped’. But after the year we’ve had, don’t we all deserve a chance to getaway? Just because you’re a student, it doesn’t mean you have to lose out on seeing what the world has to offer. That’s why we have compiled this short blog post detailing three of the most affordable student-friendly holiday destinations for you to check out.


Why not kick off our list with an absolute classic? Amsterdam is popular with young people from all over the world and is just a short plane ride away from the UK.


From the infamous nightlife to the touristy canal cruises and traditional bike tours, there’s more than enough to keep you occupied during your holiday in the ‘Dam. With options to fly or travel via train, tickets start from as little as £54!


Possibly an unconventional choice for some, Berlin is actually one of the most student-friendly cities in the world. With amazing nightlife plus plenty of historical attractions to explore, such as the Berlin Wall, Checkpoint Charlie and the Reichstag, there’s much more to Berlin than you may have first thought. A quiet sunset trip to the Brandenberg Gate will also look stunning on your Insta grid!


It would be disrespectful to create a list of the best holiday destinations for cash-strapped students without mentioning the beautiful island of Ibiza! With plenty of stunning beaches for you to top up your tan as well as a myriad of watersports to try, including snorkelling, jet boating and parasailing, it’s a great destination for a group of friends.

But we can’t ignore the legendary nightlife that can be found here too, with top DJs from all over the world performing regularly. With flights starting from as little as £20, what’s not to love?

For more information or guidance on the best holiday destinations for students, contact our friendly and professional team today at NCL Travel.

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Written by Tamanna Reza


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